The Katana Books by Ken Warner


An evil lord has risen: Can Katana uncover his identity before he becomes immortal?

★★★★★ “I highly recommend this book to people of any age… This isn’t like some books where it takes a while to get into the story. Right away, I was already thinking of how interesting it was… Couldn’t stop reading it!”

–Dayna Huor, World Champion Sport Karate Competitor

Here’s the description of this first book:

Something strange happens when Katana tests for her Black Belt in Karate: she stops several attackers using only her chi. Master Osaka sends her away to the Hall of the Dragon to learn to use and control her power. Soon after her arrival, a mysterious band of warriors tries to steal the Scroll of the Five Masters, which contains the key to immortality. Katana learns that they are the Arashi, a secret society that preserves the dark art of dim mak.

It was believed that knowledge of the art’s highest power, the death touch, was taken to the grave by its ancient master. But now a new dim mak master has risen, commanding a power even more terrifying than the death touch—and he will stop at nothing to obtain the Scroll of the Five Masters. In the end, it’s up to Katana to confront this new enemy and uncover the shocking truth of his identity.

Katana Shodan is the first book in a YA martial arts fantasy series. If you like coming of age stories in a modern setting, full of action and adventure, mystery and magic, then Katana will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more!

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