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Welcome to the Katana Series by Ken Warner. Katana’s story is a hero’s quest, much like that of Harry Potter, or Frodo in Lord of the Rings. But in the Katana novels, I wanted to explore the vast world of martial arts mythology. There are so many stories of masters who possessed strange powers, be it knocking someone down from across the room, or even teleporting during a mass attack–I wanted to turn them into a story.

In the first book, Katana Shodan: The Scroll of the Five Masters, Katana enters a whole new world after exhibiting one of the mysterious chen do powers on her Black Belt test. She learns that her teacher, Master Osaka, has been heavily involved in this larger world, having spent much of his life fighting the Arashi, a secret society dedicated to preserving the ancient dark art known as dim mak.

As the series progresses, the tone darkens, and the stakes grow ever higher. A new dim mak master has risen, and it falls to Katana to confront him and stop him from attaining immortality.

The Katana Books:

Katana Shodan: The Scroll of the Five Masters
76,000 words, 304 pages

Katana Nidan: The Unwritten Koan
86,000 words, 347 pages

Katana Sandan: The Code of Bodhidharma
151,000 words, 607 pages

Katana Yodan: The Immortal Masters
162,000 words, 650 pages

Katana Godan (Title TBA)
160,000 words, 641 pages

The first two books in this new fantasy series are available now. All five novels are already written, edited, and ready for publication. Make sure to check back here often for updates on the publishing schedule. But in the meantime, to get your FREE copy of my first book, Katana Shodan: The Scroll of the Five Masters, just tell me where to send it!

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